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I am a frequent speaker at conferences (Devoxx France, SpringOne 2GX, Université du SI, Paris JUG...). You can find several recorded sessions on my Parleys page.


You can find my presentations on my Slidehare account.

Here are the latest ones:

Requêtes multi-critères avec Cassandra from Julien Dubois

JHipster à Devoxx 2015 from Julien Dubois

Gérer son environnement de développement avec Docker from Julien Dubois

Performance tuning the Spring Pet Clinic sample application from Julien Dubois

De Devoxx au CAC40 from Julien Dubois

HTML5, Spring, NoSQL et mobilité from Julien Dubois


I have posted many articles on Ippon Technologies' blog:
Here are my entries.

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