Articles, talks and presentations


I am currently blogging on, so you will find there my latest articles. I used to write articles for the Oracle Community Network and for some of my former employers, but those are not updated anymore.


I am a frequent speaker at conferences (Devoxx, Spring One, etc) and user groups around the world. Here is a list of YouTube videos that I try to update frequently. If you would like me to talk at one of your event, please contact me.


Most of my talks are live-coding sessions, but when I do presentations you can find them on my Slideshare account.

Here are some of the latest ones:

JHipster Conf 2019 English keynote from Julien Dubois

JHipster Conf 2019 French keynote from Julien Dubois

Créer et développer une communauté Open Source from Julien Dubois

JHipster Conf 2018 keynote from Julien Dubois

Thales Inner Source 2017 keynote on JHipster from Julien Dubois

Devoxx Belgium 2017 - easy microservices with JHipster from Julien Dubois

JHipster overview and roadmap (August 2017) from Julien Dubois

Être productif avec JHipster - Devoxx France 2017 from Julien Dubois

Devoxx : being productive with JHipster from Julien Dubois